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Bathroom designs by Tom Munro and Supreme Surface, Inc. Inspiring bathroom ideas that include large and small spaces. From traditional to modern contemperary and eclectic bathroom designs with a special focus using natural stones. tr>

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern Bathroom Design


This modern bathroom design showcases the strong, distinct lines of slate walls and flooring by contrasting them against the circular natural river rock vanity and oval glass vessel sinks. The vanity lighting adds dimension to the room and places emphasis on the elongated surfaces, mirroring the stacked slate walls. A suspended makeup station on the left parallels a suspended vanity on the right, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, providing ample storage for toiletries, appliances and cosmetics. The custom glass shower doors and frosted glass divider seperating the bedroom completes the chic appearance.


Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Contemporary bathroom design with natural stone.

The focal point of this contemporary bathroom remodel is the beautiful stacked Virginia Ledge Stone that works as a divider between the shower and vanity area. The Ceasar Stone quartz countertops, travertine flooring, and natural stone shower blend harmoniously to create a textured, multi-dimensional look. The style is polished with modern natural walnut suspended vanities, under cabinet lighting, and vessel sinks. The combination of natural stone with modern accents is a style that is gaining rapidly in popularity.

Check out our bathroom design gallery of photos including the before and after shots, for this beautiful "Contemperary Style" bathroom makeover.

Bathroom DesignsIdeas Using Natural Stone

Using natural stone tiles in bathroom designs can improve the value of your remodeling project.


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Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

Eclectic bathroom design ideas by Supreme Surface


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Old World Bathroom Ideas and Design

Old world bathroom design ideas by Supreme Surface



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Old World Bathroom Ideas and Design

Bathroom design ideas with stone showers



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Old World Bathroom Ideas and Design

Bathroom designs with stone showers.



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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Baths

Small bathroom Contemperary Design


This remodel is a great example of how even smaller bathrooms can be transformed into beautiful, luxurious spaces. Updating small bathrooms will add value to the home and turn a potential "con" into a "pro" for a buyer, inevitably setting your home apart from other options. In this particular design, the homeowner wanted a modern touch, utilizing a monotone White Zeus countertop by Cesarstone on top of solid black cabinetry. The shower has distinct parallel lines adding a symmetrical art deco feel, while the bold hardware on the cabinetry integrates a modern aesthetic. This bathroom idea uses limestone, granite, travertine, and marble.


Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom design ideas by Supreme Surface



When remodeling a small bathroom, the design of the space is a key factor in maximizing the area. A popular and effective technique to make small areas appear larger is to use mirrors, as shown in this photo. A wall-sized mirror will not only make the room seem more spacious than it is, it also adds an element of style and character. The flooring in front of the mirror is the same granite that is used inside of the shower, making for a cohesive design that ties the color scheme together. A storage compartment has been placed between the suspended cabinetry and toilet, which is functional and modern. The suspended vanity also makes the room feel larger, due to the open area between the vessel sink and the floor. There are many efficient and beautiful bathroom ideas for smaller spaces.


Functionallity In Bathroom Design Ideas

Functionallity in design for small bathroom spaces.


Functionality is key when designing a small bathroom. Elements that have more than one purpose for the sake of saving space are ideal, such as this vanity area that doubles as a makeup work station. Using two stock vanities, a bridge was created at a lower elevation to connect them, providing space for cosmetics, appliances, and toiletries. There is ample room for a stool or chair to be pushed underneath the makeup station in order to provide a comfortable space to prepare for the day. The walls display a multi-sized Tuscan Wave travertine with a chiseled edge from floor to ceiling, elongating the space. Emerald Pearl granite and vessel bowl sinks finish the look, for a beautiful bathroom remodel.


Bathroom Tile Ideas and Design

Bathroom tile design ideas


This beautiful bathroom offers a Tuscan feel with it's tile design, contrast of color and texture.

  • Polished Marble Flooring
  • Multi Sized Travertine Walls
  • Stone Shower
  • Granite Countertops
  • Custom Clear Glass Window In Shower
  • Supreme Shower System




Fireplace In Bathroom

Scabos travertine tile used in a bathroom tile design by Supreme Surface..


This project combined a bathroom and bedroom, connected by an adjoining fireplace. This type of layout is unique and the homeowner wanted to emphasize the existing design by opening up the space and creating a spa-like atmosphere. The remodel includes stone flooring and walls, a natural stone shower shower featuring jets and custom glass work. New granite countertops were installed over the existing cabinetry, updated with new hardware, faucets, and mirrors for a sleek design.



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