Stone Selection and Seams
Granite is a natural substance that is mined all over the world. Supreme Surface, Inc. maintains close quality control over all color selections. Individual “slab selections” are usually not necessary. It is our greatest desire for you to be completely happy with your new granite countertop & countertop installation. Customers are welcome to visit our fabrication facility located at 5720 Kopetsky Dr. suite J, Indianapolis, In. 46217 in order to preview and/or approve the bundles, slabs or components to be used in your home or business.
Pattern, color, and graining will vary within the same “name”, selection, slab and or slabs from the same lot. This should be expected!
Samples are available for initial pairing with cabinetry, paint and flooring choices, but may be inadequate to base a final decision upon.
When choosing a pattern or type of stone, please keep in mind that stones with wavy characteristics, streaks, movement or “veins” can be difficult to match or blend between corners or seams.
During the natural stone estimating & fabrication process, great care is taken to balance cost. Supreme Surface, Inc. will lay out the slab(s) to minimize waste, blend the pattern and match colors. At the discretion of Supreme Surface, Inc. seams will be placed in the best location for structural integrity and visual aesthetics.
Granite is a natural stone material, it is cut in varying lengths from the quarry and pieces must be seamed together on site using butt joining techniques. Seams should be viewed as an integral part of a “granite countertop” project. Granite is a product of nature. The properties and characteristics that give granite such beauty also make it impossible to guarantee a match in pattern or color from one piece of countertop to the next. No replacements will be made for natural color and thickness variations within a countertop.