Templating Visit (approx. 1~2 hours)
• Templates (or patterns) are made from existing countertops and/or new cabinets.
• Please completely clear all countertops by removing all appliances and other items.
• New cabinets must be completely installed
• Supreme Surface, Inc. does not accept any liability in the case of cabinets that are not level and walls that are not square/plumb which may result in a final assembly that is not 100% level/square. Any required adjustments to cabinets, brackets, walls, etc. are the responsibility of the customer and/or his/her sub-contractor and must be completed prior to countertop installation.
• Make and model numbers of all appliances, cook tops, sinks, faucets and any additional hardware are required prior scheduling the template. If the sink is an undermount style, we may need the sink at our Indianapolis fabrication facility prior to any fabrication can begin. Ideally, have sink/sinks on-site for the template visit – if needed, we can take it with us and return it at the time of installation,
• Locations of any seams are discussed
• Locations for all faucet holes and accessories are discussed
• All excess stone material (waste) is considered the property of Supreme Surface, Inc. Waste may include any unused stone, sink and cook top cut-outs, etc. All customer requests for waste materials will be considered, but may be subject to additional charges for any cutting or finishing.
• There may be areas where your old countertops sit that may not get completely covered with the new granite countertops. These areas can include walls behind existing backsplash, the tops of painted cabinets, and where the countertops meet walls. We will discuss these items and any options that may be available to eliminate these occurrences. Typical solutions can include increasing the height of the granite backsplash, sometimes for a nominal fee. Supreme Surface, Inc. does not include painting, or adding tile or other trim to cover any unfinished areas unless specifically written in the customer sales order.