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Supreme Surface, Inc. has developed start to finish procedures for ordering and fabricating finished granite countertops that has evolved into a precise operation for granite processing. Supreme Surface, Inc. consistently strives to mass produce a custom product at an affordable rate. Granite processing takes an incredible amount of attention to an equally numerous array of details. Supreme Surface, Inc. has consolidated these numerous details together using a series of seven steps.

This systematic procedure will aide in maintaining focus on your granite project.

1. Estimating
2. Selection
3. Ordering
4. Template
5. Fabricating
6. Installation
7. Stone Care and Maintenance

Step #1 Estimating Process

Supreme Surface, Inc. offers a Shop At Home Service and will come to your home or project, measure, create a drawing and quote your granite countertop project for free.

Supreme Surface granite projects will be quoted with a base grade selection of granite colors. This group contains stones that are very affordable, while still offering high quality and very popular granite colors.

Amarello Boreal
Autumn Brown
Black Pearl
Juperana Gold Light
New Venetian Gold
Tan Brown
Tropic Brown
Uba Tuba

The following information is required for all granite countertop estimates.
• Lay-out drawing of countertop surface (example)
• Linear inches of edge profiling
• Linear inches of polished backsplash edging
• Linear inches of saw cuts
• Quantity of holes to be drilled
• Quantity of polished cutouts
• Quantity of unpolished cutouts

Any type of customizing such as
• Transition tops
• large radius's
• Corbeled corners
• Bump outs

If you do not have a drawing Supreme Surface, Inc. will be unable to process an estimate via email or phone inquiries. Supreme Surface, Inc. offers free in home estimates.

Step #2 Selection Process

Choosing natural stone for countertops, as simple as it may seem, has several considerations to keep in mind. Some granite colors have limited variation and are able to be selected from smaller granite samples. Others need to be viewed fully because of slight or extreme shade variations within the granite slab. Although variations give granite its natural beauty these same variations could cause disenchantment. If you're looking for something that is going to be exactly the same throughout every piece, granite is not the product and you may want to consider engineered stone or quartz countertops an alternate product. Before making a final selection on natural stone, be prepared to accept its earthly beauty along with its natural variation. The next choice is edge profiles.

Granite Edges

• Full Bullnose
• Half Bullnose
• Eased edge
• Demi Bullnose
• Ogee edge
• 45 bevel

The selection of the edge will help determine the proper overhang to give your counter tops. Granite slabs are approximately 107"-120" long and 55"-72" high by +/- 1 1/4" thick (3cm+-.) Counter top parts that are bigger than this must be seamed. The average kitchen counter top has one or more seam. Supreme Surface uses Seam Phantom tooling and is considered the finest tooling on the market today. A colored epoxy is normally used to fill counter top seams but because of granite's natural shade variations the seams are not always 100% invisible.

The final step in selecting your countertop requires the selection of your Undermount sink, faucet, surface unit and any other appliances that will affect your countertop. You will need this information for pricing, ordering, template and final delivery.

Supreme Surface, Inc. has a selection checklist to keep your order flowing smoothly through the process.
Download Checklist(adobe acrobat required)

Step #3 Ordering Process

Once you have decided to contract with Supreme Surface, Inc. you will then confirm and authorize with signature and date.

• Project areas
Color selections
Edge profiles
Sinks, faucets and other hardware selections
• Warranty form
• Terms and conditions of sale
• Granite countertop preparation form
• Sales order

After the above steps have been completed Supreme Surface, Inc. requires a 50% deposit prior to advancing to step #4

Step #4 Template Procedure

Supreme Surface uses laser template systems. This is the most advanced system available for templating granite countertops. This procedure is managed by the Supreme Surface production department.This step is the last chance to make a change and all selections are to be confirmed. It is requested that the home owner be involved in this procedure.

• Check for inconsistencies with existing cabinets.
• Hardware placement confirmation
• Confirm overhang
• Confirm shape
• Template

Regardless of what method is used to determine your counter top dimensions, Supreme Surface, Inc. will generate a shop or CAD drawing at the time of template, for every aspect of the job. The shop drawings must be signed by the party responsible for measuring and installing your counter top. This system for checking and double checking all aspects of the job before we begin ensures that your job will run smoothly and efficiently.

Step #5 Fabrication Procedure

This unique procedure is not offered over the internet.

Step #6  Installation Procedure

This unique procedure is not offered over the internet

Step #7 Learning proper care and maintenance for natural stone is an important factor in keeping the luster and integrity of your new natural stone or quartz countertops. It's a fact that you always need to use a pH neutral or balanced cleaner, but not all granite cleaners are created equal. visit our cleaning stone page and discover the best practices that will keep natural stones and quartz countertops looking good.