Composite Granite Sink Cleaners Care & Maintenance Kit


Combine two of our best selling products and get a composite granite sink care and maintenance kit. If you’re purchasing this item to remove soap scum buildup or white haze caused by mineral deposits (calcium and lime), you’re making a good investment. With proper instruction, these two products will improve the look of older sinks, protect newer sinks, and simplify future care and maintenance.

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  1. Watch our Product Demonstration Video located above
  2. Saturate the surface of the sink in a liberal fashion using the “Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover” and let sit for several minutes. Depending on condition, 3-30 minutes
  3. Lightly agitate with a light abrasive pad possibly a Scotch-brite Dishwand or equal
  4. Thoroughly rinse and then dry with clean towel
  5. Before moving to the next step, check to make sure that all mineral deposits have been removed.
  6. Spray Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment onto sink and buff with included microfiber towel

Note: These products will not reverse the damage already done by abrasive pads or chemical solutions.  This type of repair requires an additional step, call 317-865-0000 for details.

Help and Support: Supreme Surface Cleaners is derived from the natural stone industry and we’re here to help make your sink look as good as possible. Free consultations 7 days a week at 317-865-0000. We turn everyday consumers into stone care pros.


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