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If you're interested in the beauty of natural stone showers, you're not alone. After all, these luxurious additions are one of the most elegant ways to enhance your living space. They turn each and every shower into a mini-spa, and bring a whole new level of visual appeal to your master bath.

However, many homeowners feel that because their bathroom space is limited, so are their options. This couldn't be further from the truth. Even the smallest spaces can be beautifully enhanced with a natural stone shower.

While an open, airy walk-in shower is certainly beautiful, it's not the only design out there. Many designs fit wonderfully into more compact spaces, even those which can only accommodate a single stall. When it comes to designing stone showers, if you can imagine it, you can create it.

One of the most traditional shapes for a smaller shower is a square stall. While we tend to think of these showers as being boring, generic plastic enclosures purchased at the local home-improvement store, the truth is that they can be absolutely gorgeous. A little planning is all that's required to take a small stall from cramped to captivating!

Utilize design elements such as clear glass and spray jets to increase the amount of usable space. These spray jets are mounted onto the shower walls, creating a spa-like feel and extra space at the same time.

Overhead shower-heads are another great way to maximize the usable space in your shower. These shower-heads give you a wonderfully relaxing "rain" sensation, and can be mounted directly into the ceiling. Many of the best models combine a heat lamp for ultimate luxury.

In stone showers, recessed wall shelving not only showcases the beauty of the stone, but it adds space as well. Discuss this design element with your contractor to determine the best way to incorporate storage into your new stone shower.

Stone showers really are functional artwork, and that means that creativity is a huge part of planning one that fits your home. Small spaces don't have to mean boring showers! With a bit of planning, the help of a pro and some helpful design elements, small stone showers can be truly stunning additions to your home.


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Design ideas for the shower using popular stones including slate, travertine, marble and limestone.   Reduce your exposure of having high levels of mold and mildew in the shower. Discover the best design and installation methods for installing a beautiful shower that will stand the test of time.   Vanity tops are a wonderful compliment to any bathroom. If your considering a new tile shower you may want to consider a new vanity top. Bathroom vanities and tops designed by Supreme Surfacen Home Soplutions, LLC..

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Natural stone fabrication is not just for marble and granite countertops. When designing a new tile or stone shower consider fabricating the curb, shelves and shower seats from travertine, limestone, marble or granite remnants.   Cleaning a natural stone in the shower, is easy. Practice preventative methods and routine maintenance. Take a little extra time on a daily basis to keep your stone shower clean and avoid pesky problems in the future such as mold, mildew, discoloration and etching of your stone.   Supreme Surface, will design, supply and install custom built walk-in tiled showers. We offer complete bathroom remodeling within the local Indianapolis, market.

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