Test results indicated that by adding reinforced rod to cutouts, significantly strengthens the stone by 50% in load and 600% in deflection. Although it is not always necessary it is recommended by the Marble Institute of
cutting granite for rod reinforcement at the sink on a granite countertop
Turn the stone upside down and cut a trench.
pack the opening with epoxy
Prepare the trench by removing all debris and mixing up the epoxy.
apply the rod into the opening of the granite
Pack the trench with both the epoxy and the fiberglass rod reinforcement.
completed installation of reinforced rod for granite countertop
Remove all excess epoxy and wipe to a smooth surface.
reinforced rod for granite countertop
Reinforced rod is used at all large sink hole and cooktop cut-outs. Because we remove most of the structure we reinforce it by adding fiberglass rod. Depending on what type of stone and cut-out, depends on what type of reinforced rod.