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How To Clean Granite Countertops

granite countertop cleaner photo with iosealBuy Now ButtonOne of the most common questions related to stone care is, " How To Clean Granite Countertops".

Use pH Neutral Cleaners

Cleaning granite countertops can be a simple task when a few facts are understood. Firstly, always use a pH neutral cleaner for natural stone surfaces and never use hazardous or abrasive chemicals. This would include the use of common household cleaners such as vinegar, bleach-wipes, and ammonia. When cleaning granite, it is also important to stay away from acidic cleaners, which would include anything with lemon or orange.

Using Dish Soap

Many dish soaps are pH neutral and often times consumers will use them to clean kitchen counters. Although dishsoap is safe to use on quartz, marble and granite counters, they require a thorough rinse or will inevitabley start to build-up, leaving a residue behind. This will cause a polished countertop surface to progressivly look cloudy, blurry or grimy.

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ioSeal Protectants Formulated With Cleaner For Granite Counertops

ioseal logoWhen choosing a product to clean granite, one might also consider a formula that offers an additional level of protection while improving the look and feel of the stones surface.  Supreme Surface "All-In-One" Stone Care Treatment with ioSeal, is formulated with ioSeal. A cationic protectant and conditioning agent that penitrates the surface and ionically bonds an additional level of protection by progressively filling in pours, with every use.  IoSeal is unlike penitrating sealers or wax: simple, safe, effective and no build-up. A streak-free shine, every time!

"All-In-One" Stone Care Comes With a Microfiber Cloth

Each bottle of Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Contitioning Treatment with ioSeal, includes a full-size 16"x16" microfiber cloth! This insures that each and every customer will have an optimized experience.  Although it isn't necessary to use a microfiber, it doe's a good job lifting and pulling the excess liquids from the surface. The results leave a streak free shine, making your polished granite tops and counters look new again!

"I used Supreme Surface "All-In-One" Stone Care Treatment with ioSeal for cleaning back granite and what an amazing difference & shine! Wow, it looks like black ice and and feels so smooth, and smells nice too." Jennifer